AVONMORE – Building on the success of the 100 Women Who Care movement, a group of community minded women in North Stormont have decided to create a similar organization. Nancy Wert and Adelle Densham, co-chairs of 100+ Caring Women in North Stormont, recently sat down with The Chesterville Record to discuss the formation of this group over the past few months.

The North Stormont group is composed of Densham and Wert, Rachel Labelle of Crysler, Barb Theoret of Moose Creek, Katrina Elstub from Monkland, Johanne Gagne-Brown of Avonmore and Gloria Logtens from Finch, with Eric Duncan serving as honourary chair. Both Wert and Densham agreed it was important to include representatives from all areas of the township on the committee. 

Wert explained that after the website is launched in early August, women will be able to sign up for the event and organizations will be invited to apply to have their project considered for funding during the event. The organizations submitting project proposals for consideration by the organizing committee will be asked to demonstrate how the project will benefit the North Stormont community and have the means to provide a charitable receipt.

After the committee have decided which organizations will be participating in the event, they will be requested to set up an information display, provide a dynamic three minute presentation for the 2019 event and agree to return the following year to provide a report on the project funded at the 2020 100+ Caring Women in North Stormont evening.

The women who agree to attend will be asked to bring $100 to the event, in either cash or cheque form, and be prepared to accept the outcome of the vote which will determine which project is funded.

The first 100+ Caring Women in North Stormont evening is scheduled for North Stormont Place in Avonmore on Thurs., Oct. 3, with Densham explaining in coming years the plan is to have it hosted in other North Stormont communities.