Patrick Bergeron (left) and Sylvie Bazzana have both had a passion for motorcycles since a young age and wanted to put that passion into a legacy known as Unleashed Bike Shop. Also pictured at back, Mathis Bergeron. Glover photo

VARS – Looking for a new motorcycle or to upgrade your current ride? The newly established Unleashed Bike Shop in the Vars community has got your back.

“We offer tire repairs, mechanic customs, detail, everything,” said co-owner Patrick Bergeron. Co-owner, Sylvie Bazzana added that they offer, “motor repair, pretty much whatever the customer needs from parts to accessories.”

Having many years of experience and passion for motorcycles, both Bazzana and Bergeron figured that running their own bike repair shop would be a perfect fit for them.

“[Patrick] loves mechanics and we were looking for something different, we didn’t want [Patrick] to go back working out north,” said Bazzana. “We wanted to stay home and create something that we can have a legacy for.

“I’ve been driving motorcycles and dirt bikes since I was six years old. So, it was a passion from the beginning and [I] decided to put it to good use.”

Living nearby in Russell, a location in Vars was a good fit for the duo, but it was the industrial area that really attracted Bazzana and Bergeron. “The area is more convenient for motorcycles,” said Bergeron. “Sometimes they’re loud and, in an Industrial Park, there’s no houses, so we can test the bike outside without people complaining. It’s not the same if you do it right in town.”

“We’re also right off the 417 [highway] going towards Montreal,” added Bazzana. “That makes it perfect. So, the location was key.”

For the next few years, both Bazzana and Bergeron want to work at establishing themselves in the area and working on keeping their business afloat to continue their legacy. Maybe even expanding their business model.

“Our biggest goal for the next couple of years is to grow as much as we can, make sure we have the profitability that we’re looking for,” said Bazzana. “Then, maybe in the future, a good five-year goal would be becoming a dealer.”

The Unleashed Bike Shop is located at 417 Industrial Park at the address 200 Commerce Street, open weekdays and weekends. You can reach them for appointments and prices at 613-889-9594.