Don’t try this at home

This week’s busker, Jonny Nicklkicker, instead of using tricks and illusions, dazzled the crowd with juggling and even stunts using people to balance on. Glover photo

HALLVILLE – Last Wednesday didn’t have the most promising of starts. The threat of rain loomed over the community of North Dundas Wed., July 17 like a literal dark cloud and with North Dundas’ third Meet Me on Main Street in Hallville set for later in the evening, it was uncertain whether the weather would cooperate.

Thankfully, by the time the event started, the dark clouds cleared into beautiful, sunny skies mixed with warm temperatures. Recreational co-ordinator Brandon Cousineau agreed that they were very fortunate because unlike other series locations, where the event can be held in an arena, Hallville does not have that luxury.

Some sweet tunes The band, Branded, was in full swing as the musical entertainment for the third Meet Me on Main Street, playing old favourites with their own spin. Glover photo

“We were a little worried about the rain but it turned out pretty well,” said Cousineau. “It’s a little muggy but there’s no rain, which is very lucky.”

However, a plan was put in place for the worst case scenario because, rain or shine, the show must go on.

“The committee met yesterday (Tues., July 16) to research all the weather channels and networks that we had, put the numbers together and came to the decision that event must go on, rain or shine,” said Cousineau. “If we did have rain, we had a location set for the Hallville Fire Department. We were just going to get a party tent which could hold 350 people which would typically hold an event of this size.”

Residents of North Dundas were thrilled that the event continued to move forward and the rain decided to hold back as breweries Étienne Brûlé and Windmill were serving up cool refreshments and King’s Lock distillery continued to make a name for themselves in a new location.

The children were overjoyed for the return of Southgate Church’s bouncy castle, after their absence last week in South Mountain, with kids eagerly lining up to jump for joy off the floor and walls. This week brought in a new style of entertainment in the form of Jonny Nicklkicker, who instead of showing off tricks and illusions, showed off more comedic stunts for the crowd.

“We have one new busker at each Meet Me on Main Street,” said Cousineau. “That’s a new feature we offer. They’re new and different every week.”

Three down and only two more to go. This week’s Meet Me on Main Street is set to take place in Chesterville tonight (Wed., July 24). Hopefully the weather will be an improvement on last year.