Not much is known about an incident that took place on Tues., July 2 in Chesterville, all that we know is someone needed help – and they needed it quickly.

Someone was yelling for help, an elderly man; he had fallen and couldn’t find the strength to lift himself back up.

He continued to yell for assistance, uncertain if his pleas were even reaching far enough to anyone’s ears. Then, he was heard.

Rescue, in the form of two adolescent girls who were passing by, ran to his aid, performing first-aid to the best of their abilities until an ambulance arrived on the scene.

I want to use this editorial to send some recognition their way. The Chesterville Record doesn’t know their names, their exact ages or other distinguishing details about them, however I believe that they deserve to be thanked for their efforts.

These girls, who were described by a bystander as looking around 13-years-old each, saved a man who was yelling for help when no one else was available. They ran to his aid, they alerted the ambulance and they eased his pain the best they could.

These girls showed kindness, bravery and clear headed thinking. I’ll be fully honest, at 13-years-old, if I were in those girls’ position; I would have panicked. I would not have known what to do in the anxiety-filled moment, unsure on how to aid the injured man. Heck, I might not have even had the clear enough head to dial 911 right away, out of the sheer shock.

These girls took control of the situation at hand, despite possible fear and anxiety. They were brave, they were smart and, above all else, their act was totally selfless.

Wherever you are girls, The Chesterville Record salutes you.