A little thread and a needle
Marie Claire Ivanski (left) and Mona Saunders (right) of Victoria’s Quilts received a $1,000 cheque from the committee to help purchase materials and other equipment made necessary to give little hope and happiness to cancer patients. Also pictured, Doug Anderson of the Shroomfest committee. Glover photo

METCALFE – The 2019 edition of Shroomfest last month was a huge success surpassing last year’s fundraising total, bringing in $68,000. On Thurs., June 13, The Shroomfest committee invited beneficiaries, friends and families to the Metcalfe Curling Club for the ceremonial cheque presentations to local charities, groups and other causes. “Every year, it seems we get more people here to receive funds from us and that makes us nothing but happy,” said Al Graham, one of the members of the Shroomfest committee. “This year, we’ve set a new record and I’d like to tell you that we absolutely cannot do that without all of our sponsors.”

A total of 30 beneficiaries from local charities and groups to businesses were in attendance to receive a contribution toward their current goals.

Improving the quality of life for seniors
John Bouza, director of giving at the Osgoode Care Centre, accepted a cheque in the amount of $10,000 to go toward improving the outside area for seniors and families. Also pictured, Al Graham of the Shroomfest committee. Glover photo

The Osgoode Care Centre received the highest total of the night of $10,000, which will go toward helping improve residents’ comfort in the facility. “At any given time, there are 100 senior citizens with really high needs living at the Osgoode Care Centre and our job is to make their life as comfortable as can be. They pay their own rent, unless they’re subsidizing, but there’s no capital money, ever, it’s from the community,” said John Bouza, director of giving at the care centre. “Right now, there is nowhere residents can go outside with their wheelchairs, no sidewalks or anything. There’s a path in the back but it’s rough, so we’re going to get it resurfaced, create a little courtyard in the back for families to take strolls, laugh, holler and hoot.”

The Winchester District Memorial Hospital was the recipient of $5,000, which will go toward helping newborns with jaundice. “Many people don’t know, the government does not fund any of our equipment, so if you’ve been in a bed or you’ve had a procedure, all of that is paid for through donor dollars and donations like this, so we’re very grateful,” said Cindy Peters. The money, this year, is going to facilitate the purchase of a phototherapy bilisoft LED light, which is used for babies with jaundice. This one is very specific, very unique because the baby can be held while the light is working.”

Victoria’s Quilts also received $1,000 from the committee that will help toward the cost of materials. “Although we are not of your region, we serve your region,” said stock controller Marie Claire Ivanski. “This $1,000, you don’t know how important it is. I meet with these people and I deliver the quilts on a weekly basis and it is just amazing how much we cannot take the diagnoses away or take their sickness away but we provide them with hope, comfort and love and knowing that they’re not alone in their difficult journey.”

The newly re-opened Osgoode Township Museum was the recipient of $500, which will go toward the cost of their upcoming Harvest Festival on Sept. 28.

“I started last September in this position and it’s just amazing how much community spirit [is] in this room and in the small communities around here,” said Jillian Metcalfe, the museum’s manager. “We saw that on June 1 for our grand re-opening and it’s just great to have a lot of your support.”

Other Shroomfest beneficiaries included ROSSS, the Metcalfe Lions Club, the Metcalfe Recreation Committee, Kenmore Minor Ball Association, Osgoode Youth Association, the Greely Community Association and many more.