A few steps closer…
Cancer survivors who attended and pledged this year’s Relay for Life event were the first ones around the track to commemorate their struggle for survival against the disease. Glover photo

MAXVILLE – This year’s Relay for Life, held at Maxville Fairgrounds on Fri., June 7 was a great success, raising a total of $73,100.59 for the Canadian Cancer Society along with offering participants an evening of entertainment.

“Different committee volunteers have Zumba, there’s a martial arts demonstration, we also have archery. We tried to think of things that were spy-related,” said Erin Davis, one of the event’s coordinators. “We also had some obstacle courses, decoding some messages, just some different types of spy challenges appropriate to the theme.”

According to Davis, participation for the event was better than anticipated for her first time acting on the organizing committee.“This is my second year here, I used to organize relays in a different area, but I came as a participant last year and this is the first time I’m on the organizing committee,” she said. “We’ve had an amazing turnout this year.”

After the opening ceremony, singing of the national anthem and honouring all the cancer survivors who came out and pledged money, survivors were led around the fairgrounds track and given carnations after completing a ceremonial lap.

“We envision a world when no one fears cancer,” said Ivan Labelle, emcee for the Relay for Life’s opening ceremony. “It’s an ambitious goal and we certainly can’t do it alone. Tonight, we [get] a few steps closer; tonight, we relay for life.”