Kurtis Barkley (left) accepts third place in the U.S. Disabled Open held in Richmond, Virginia last week along with fellow third place Kenny Bontz. Courtesy photo

CHESTERVILLE – Local golfer, Kurtis Barkley competed in the U.S. Disabled Open in Richmond Virginia last week from May 14 to 15. This was Barkley’s first ever world ranking event. Despite not having much time on the grounds this year due to the cool, wet weather in the area, Barkley finished in third place overall and is scheduled to head to the Czech Republic in late June for the next tournament.

Barkley said, “I was happy with my finish considering it was my seventh and eighth rounds of the year.” He added that he would have liked to have a better short game around the greens but would have needed more time to familiarize himself with the playing grounds. When heading to the Czech Republic, Barkley said he will be heading there a few days prior to get familiar with the grounds.

Until then, Barkley will continue his normal schedule playing in a number of tournaments throughout the Ottawa Valley and will put in the hours to improve his short game and putting.

The top three standings at the U.S. Disabled Open included Barkley among three pro golfers, Christopher Biggins and Chad Pfeifer in first, and Barkley and Kenny Bontz in third with a total gross of 148.

Barkley said he wouldn’t have been able to do it without the support of Marissa Imire, who helped with all the driving and scheduling while Barkley focused on the game.