Green picked up their first win of the season on Thurs., May 9 in the Chesterville Women’s Ball Hockey League. The team worked together for a 2-0 victory over Blue. Glover photo

Yellow’s captain Patti Hall helped her team face off against Red on May 9, picking up a goal and an assist, but it wasn’t enough to win as Red took the game 5-2.
Glover photo

CHESTERVILLE – The Chesterville Women’s Ball Hockey League met for another week of games on Thurs., May 8 at the Chesterville Arena. Green hosted blue in the 7 p.m. game while Yellow welcomed Red in the 8 p.m. slot.

Green 2 Blue 0
Green played host to Blue in the early game in the Chesterville Women’s Ball Hockey League this Thursday. Neither team could get on the board in the first period and entered the second period still vying for the first goal of the game.

In the second period, Green’s Sara Casselman picked up a penalty at 9:45 until 7:15 but Blue couldn’t take advantage of the shorthanded Greens. Finally, with only 30 seconds remaining, Green’s Jackie Morris found the back of the net with a helper from Karen Edwards to make the score 1-0 going into the final frame.

Blue worked hard to even the score but Green’s defence held them off. At 3:05 of the third period, Alyson Erwin topped up Green’s lead to 2-0, unassisted. As time wound down, Blue wasn’t able to make a play and Green took the win for this week.

With the win in Green’s goal was Roxanne Crump and suffering the loss in Blue’s goal was Olivia Salmon.

Yellow 2 Red 5
Yellow welcomed Red in the late game on Thursday night at the Chesterville Arena. Red came out swinging in the first period, racking up two goals early on at 19:45 from Steph Dafoe with help from Jessica Rutley, and 10:35 by Marlee Grady with two assists by Jessica Rutley and Stephanie Shane. Red took the 2-0 lead into the second period.

Neither team was able to get points on the board in the second period and the 2-0 lead for Red continued into the final frame. Red racked up the points again in the third period, making big plays at 9:30, when Stephanie Shane found the net assisted by Marlee Grady and then Marlee Grady picked up her second of the night at 6:40 with help from Jessica Rutley and Angie Helmer, making the score 4-0.

Yellow made a play for a comeback at 5:00 when Patti Hall sniped one to the back of the net assisted by Sam Benoit and one minute later Rebecca Alves hit the mark with a helper from Sam Benoit and Patti Hall, bringing the score up to 4-2.

It wasn’t enough to go for the win and Red put the final tick on the board at 3:12 by Laura Melenhorst, unassisted. Red, wound down the clock and took the win 5-2. Celebrating the victory in Red’s goal was Cashelle Baldwin and suffering the loss in Yellow’s goal was Lindsay Chambers.

Up next
Red will welcome Green on Thurs., May 16 at the Chesterville Arena in the 7 p.m. game while Yellow faces off against Blue at 8 p.m.