Sharing her big day
Quinn Elliott, who turned seven years old April 15, wanted to share her birthday with the residents of the Osgoode Care Centre, complete with arts and crafts and musical entertainment. Also pictured is Daisy Patrick, who was an honorary guest to the party due to her 100th birthday recently being celebrated on April 5. Glover photo

METCALFE – Quinn Elliott, despite her young age, is a leader among her peers, showing what kindness truly means.

Shortly after Elliott’s visit to the Osgoode Care Centre last year, she wanted to celebrate her birthday with the senior residents, to make arts and crafts along with enjoying the entertainment of a guest magician. She enjoyed that experience so much that she wanted to do it all over again Sat., April 13 with a tea party, inviting anyone who wanted to join her in the festivities.

“Quinn comes to kindness club here every month and after the first one, she asked me if she could celebrate her birthday here because she just thought it was such a nice place to come,” said Natalie Elliott, Quinn’s mother. “So, we had her birthday here last year when she turned six and as soon as the party was over, she started planning her second party here.”

For this year’s party, while the group still partook in art and crafts and musical entertainment, the guests and other volunteers also brought presents – not for Quinn, but for the centre’s residents.

“So, instead of having her friends bring gifts for herself, she wanted them to bring gifts for the residents,” said Natalie. “We have approximately 80 gifts to hand out to the residents. The guests all brought in gifts and then one of the guests asked her colleagues if they would be interested in donating gifts so that more residents would be able to participate in Quinn’s birthday. We received many gifts and it’s absolutely amazing.”

Quinn added that she was having a blast at the party, making a pink butterfly with all her friends and that she was excited for Monkey Rock to perform for the Care Centre.