Large donation for local fire hall
Morewood Fire Department received a donation in the amount of $7,500 to replace their old generator for the hall’s fill station. The previous generator was as old as the ice storm and after a problem with the generator last year, chief Ken Byers felt that it was time for an upgrade. Pictured from the left, Shelby Chambers, Eric Wilson, Dan Kelly, North Dundas Mayor Tony Fraser, Alek Dupras of Enbridge, Morewood fire chief Ken Byers, Shawn Mattice and Doug MacGregor. Glover photo

MOREWOOD – The Morewood Fire Station is getting more steady power throughout the building with the help a $7,500 donation from Enbridge Inc.

“Our previous existing generator is not strong enough to run the fill station, so we needed something a little bit bigger for more steady power 24/7,” said fire chief Ken Byers. “Our previous model is as old as the ice storm, back in 1998.”

After last year’s power outage, Byers and his team realized that their generator wasn’t big enough, and wasn’t performing at full capacity anymore. So, the problem was brought to the steering committee and through different channels, Enbridge was brought in to help with the funds.

“I brought [this issue] to the attention of the steering committee and Jess [Manley] got the ball rolling for us,” he said.

North Dundas Mayor Tony Fraser added, “Jess [Manley] is an administrative assistant that supports all of the fire departments. She did the application process and saw it through.”

This was an important problem to fix as Morewood’s Fire Department has the only fill station in North Dundas.

“This is the only fill station in North Dundas, so the most dire need is here in Morewood to ensure, as chief Byers said, there’s uninterrupted power and supply of air,” said Fraser. 

Alek Dupras of Enbridge expressed his excitement and happieness to be a part of something that can help so many people in the community.

“I’m just glad I’m getting the chance to deliver these donations that Enbridge has decided to give to all of the municipalities,” he said. “I’m hoping that this will keep happening and Enbridge will continue to have a chance to support different initiatives in the area.”