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The 23rd Annual Morrisburg Tubie Festival was a wave topping success on the weekend of Aug. 4-5, with beautiful weather, great food, drink and entertainment. There were nine teams in the Tubie Race on Sunday, but team Robert Jordan was the first to cross the finish line. It was their third consecutive Tubie Race win and the first on their newly designed craft. The organizers are looking forward to 2020 for a massive celebration of their 25th anniversary.      Moore photo

Team Cameryn Broad were competing in their first Tubie Race on Sun., Aug. 5, on a craft made by Jason Broad. The young team finished the race in third place with a time of 29:03. Moore photo

Jeff Moore
Record Staff
MORRISBURG — The 2018 Tubie Festival exploded out of the mark on the weekend of Aug., 4-5, early on Saturday morning with a triathlon. The triathlon consisted of a run, a swim and a bicycle ride. The Morrisburg Legion hosted a breakfast prior to the Tubie Parade at 1 p.m.

The float of team Trish Morrow featured a lawn tractor pulling a swimming pool with the Tasmanian Devil as a backdrop. The Morrow float picked up third place in the parade behind Team Barclay in second place and Jordan St. Louis in first. Moore photo

There was a dance at the Morrisburg Arena featuring Ted Lalonde and the Texas Tuxedos that kept revellers going until the wee hours. Sunday featured the Tubie Race beginning at Arlor Haven Campground just west of Mariatown and finished at the Morrisburg Beach. The theme this year was based on the characters of Looney Toons called Looney Tubes.

The Tubie Parade featured a couple of big rigs from Harland Veinotte Ltd. preceded by the South Dundas Fire department’s firetruck, followed by eight floats representing nine Tubie teams all decked out in Looney Tunes’ costumes.

The floats were Super Genius entered by Robert Jordan and team, Looneys Gone Surfing by team Trish Morrow, Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote by team Cameryn Broad, Team Swank Construction, team Cochrane Construction, Team Jeff Barclay, team Sage Barclay and team Jordan St. Louis. Kids along the route were showered with candy from the various floats and the parade route was packed with spectators.

The Tubie Dance was well attended according to Gerladine Fitzsimmons of the Morrisburg DBIA, with around 400 partiers showing up to engage in the festivities.

The teams that made it to the starting line for the race itself were the number one craft – Robert Jordan, number two – Trish Morrow, number three – Cameryn Broad, number four – Dave Gillmor, number five – Swank Const., number six – Cochrane Const., number seven – Jeff Barclay, number eight – Sage Barkley and number nine – Jordan St. Louis. The race was opened by the sound of the siren from a South Dundas firetruck and with that, the race began. Quick out of the gate were one, two and three followed by the Gillmors. All nine crafts made it out of the gate but one team blew a tube about a quarter of the way to the finish line. Team Jeff Barclay was eliminated after the eruption. As the teams headed east, one team appeared around the pier and it was no surprise, the number one craft of team Robert Jordan who ended up winning the race with a time of 25 minutes and 16 seconds. Team Morrow finished in second place with a time of 28 minutes and 24 seconds, team Cameryn Broad finished in third place with a time of 29 minutes and three seconds, finishing fourth was team Sage Barclay with a time of 29 minutes and 37 seconds, the fifth place finisher was team Swank Const., with a time of 30 minutes and seven seconds, sixth place went to team Dave Gillmor with a time of 32 minutes and 55 seconds, seventh place went to team Cochrane Const with a time of 34 minutes and 10 seconds and the last team in was team Jordan St. Louis with a time of 41 minutes and 23 seconds. With the win the Jordan/Lee team picked up their third consecutive title ever since the craft blew up in 2015.