SDG – Since the late 1990’s, the County has shared various services with the City of Cornwall, including land ambulance, social and housing services and child care. These services are provided under contract and delivered to County residents by unionized employees of the City.  While negotiations between the City and the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) continue, a strike could occur as early as Thurs., May 17.

Provisions are being made to continue operations during any work stoppage. However, in the event of a strike, there will be impacts to a variety of municipal services. SDG residents are asked to take note of the changes to the following services in the event of a strike:

Paramedics – land ambulance
A reduced complement of resources will be available to maintain emergency service coverage.  In the event of a major emergency, additional paramedics can be called in to assist. For the duration of any labour disruption, the assistance of the public is needed to ensure those that truly require emergency services have them available. Please call 9-1-1 for ambulance assistance if it is needed for severe emergencies such as shortness of breath, chest pain, major traumatic injury or having suffered a period of unconsciousness. If possible, have someone drive to the clinic, doctor’s office or emergency department for all other medical issues.

Social and housing services
The main Social and housing services office, located in Cornwall at the Justice Building (340 Pitt Street, third floor reception only), will remain open. The Winchester Satellite office will be closed.

Child Care
If applying for home child care or the child care fee subsidy, applicants will be required to come to the Cornwall office to complete an application and provide the supporting documentation regarding that request.

Ontario Works
Ontario Works applications will continue to be processed. Applicants can apply online at or by calling the number below. Ontario Works cheques will continue to be processed and mailed out. Some necessary benefits may be processed. For further information, please call 613-933-6282 ext. 3205.

For Ontario Renovates, Social Housing (Registry) and Rent Supplement Program applications, please call 613-933-6282 ext. 3315, and names will be placed on a call list.  If applying for the Homelessness Prevention Program, applicants will be required to come to the Cornwall office to complete an application and provide the supporting documentation required.

For questions or information about any of the services listed, please contact the City of Cornwall directly at 613-930-2787.