Wearing of the green
Reed Smith (far left) and Tegan Webb Stevenson (far right) pose with St. Mary Catholic School’s Principal Karen Carriere (centre left) and parent council organizer Patricia Guy (centre right) at the annual St. Patrick’s Day Tea held on March 8 at the school’s gym.    Vetter photo

St. Mary’s Grade 5 students Reed Smith, Carter Latimer and Gavin Eikelboon were some of the many servers helping at the school’s St. Pat’s Day tea. Vetter photo

Candice Vetter
Record Staff
CHESTERVILLE – It was a bit early, but the St. Mary Catholic School’s annual St. Patrick’s Day Tea, held on Thurs., March 8, was still a big hit with students, parents, grandparents and supportive community members.

Bake sale items at the annual St. Patrick’s Day tea at St. Mary’s in Chesterville were going fast, with people rushing to buy them before they were sold out. Vetter photo

The event has been going on for decades, with no one remembering exactly when it started, but one parent recalled making the “Irish” vests and aprons worn by servers over 20 years earlier. The parent council organizes the event as a fundraiser and traditionally the Grade 5 students serve the high tea. The students obviously took their responsibilities very seriously and were very fast servers. They had to be quick as the lineup for the tea extended out the school’s front door by 11 a.m.

Parents made the sandwiches and squares as well as providing bake sale items, which were going fast.

“It’s a wonderful community event,” said Principal Karen Carriere. “Gathering to share a meal together is integral to our faith and culture. Kids learn this tradition, of being part of the greater community.”

All the school’s students participated in decorating the gym, including pot-of-gold handprints by the kindergarten classes.