Many faces on Main St.
Over 700 people were estimated to have attended the Meet me on Main St. block party on Aug. 2, in Winchester. The event was such a hit, North Dundas has decided to bring it back next summer.
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Kalynn Sawyer Helmer

Record Staff

WINCHESTER – The fifth and final Meet me on Main St. took place in Winchester last week on Wed., Aug. 2. Attendance has been through the roof with guests going on circuits to each event or joining their neighbours for their own town’s block party.

First up, Morewood had over 450 attendees. This was followed by South Mountain with around 500, Hallville with over 400 and then the record-breaking Chesterville with 600 to 700 people. However, North Dundas Mayor Eric Duncan believed Winchester was well on the way to being the largest event yet with around 700 or more attendees.

Duncan gave much of the credit to the many local food businesses who fed the crowds each night and the service clubs which sponsored the musical guests for the evening. The North Dundas Fire Department and South Gate Church attended every event to provide entertainment and education to kids of all ages.

“It’s been awesome, the crowds have been huge,” said Duncan, who showed off his Canada pride in a Canadian flag collage dress shirt. “We are also happy to announce that this event will be back next year in 2018. We are super excited about it and thank you to everyone who participated,” concluded Duncan in his welcome address.

With all five events concluded, North Dundas residents will have to save their excitement until next year when the block party/dinner series returns.

Winchester Meet Me on Main Street
Firefighters John Lennox, Terry Wagner and Rick Young manned the North Dundas Fire Department booth at the final Meet me on Main St. in Winchester on Wed., Aug. 2.

Block-length tables were set up for the family-style block party, Meet me on Main St. in Winchester on Wed., Aug. 2. The event was the fifth of five similar community parties to celebrate Canada 150 and build community spirit.