Attending Stock Show U
4-H Calf Club members from the region met in Metcalfe on Sat., Aug 5, to attend Stock Show University and learn cattle showing techniques. Shown here in front, from left, are Dante Farina, Kylee Gray, and Samantha Hamilton; at back from left are Gracie Hamilton, Justin McCafferty, Alex Stone, Abby Bedor Teegan Hamilton, and Dominic Knapp.
Vetter photo


Candice Vetter
Villager Staff
METCALFE – A 4-H Stock Show taught 4-H members a lot about showing calves at the Metcalfe Fairgrounds on the weekend of Aug. 4 to 6.
The instructive event, Stock Show University, was put on by RK Animal Supplies and Sullivan’s Supply, and featured professors from Western Canada, the United States and Ontario. 4-H participants, who hailed from Smiths Falls, Westport, Brockville, Jasper, and Metcalfe area clubs, learned cattle show techniques, including picking and other hair care, feeding, hoof care, washing, grooming and many other points to consider.
It wasn’t all work though. The 80 or so participants, as well as many parents who joined in, also appreciated the Comb Stories segment, in which members related stock show anecdotes, and the Saturday night National Stock Show U Cupcake Eating Contest. The animal supply companies sponsoring the show gave away about $8,000 worth of livestock husbandry products, which organizers said owners really appreciate.