Steps towards better health care

The Étienne Grandmaître Saint-Pierre Centre de santé communautaire de l’Estrie (Health Hub) in Limoges was pleased to receive $60,000 from the Nation Municipality on Fri., June 30, at the building site. Shown here are Nation Councillor Francis Brière, Nation Mayor François St. Amour, Director Marc Bisson, project founder Shirley Racine, and François and Rachelle Sigouin of the Limoges Health Hub Volunteer Committee.               Courtesy photo


LIMOGES – The Nation Municipality gave the Étienne Grandmaître Saint-Pierre Health Hub $60,000 on Fri., June 30, in the partially constructed medical professional building being built by St. Joseph Developments on Principale St. in Limoges.

The Limoges Health Hub Volunteer Committee has worked for five years on getting a medical centre up and running in the village, and that plan is almost a reality. Last October, Premier Kathleen Wynne visited Limoges and announced that the province would contribute $425,000 to the project. The building is expected to be occupied by this autumn, and already there are eight medical doctors, a pharmacy, a dental clinic, and a range of other health services signed up as tenants, as well as a doctor and nurse practitioner working for the centre itself. There will also be mental health workers and a health promoter.

The Committee has also confirmed Marc Bisson as the executive director of the centre.

Founder of the plan to build a medical professional building, Shirley Racine is very pleased with the rapid progress. “Things are happening here in Limoges,” she said. “It will be a one-stop shop. The Centre will attract more people and lots of residents won’t have to drive far for doctors or dentists’ appointments anymore.”

Already 800 people have signed up to be patients at the new medical centre, and bilingual service will be available. Four of the doctors coming in are fully bilingual as well as all support staff. “Get medical service in the language of your choice,” said Racine.

“It will be an important milestone for the citizens of Limoges and for the residents of nearby communities,” said Nation Mayor Francois St. Amour, who has been an enthusiastic supporter of the project from the beginning.

The project is so popular that Racine has been asked to speak about it elsewhere. “It’s a model that other communities, like Toronto, are interested in.”