Dundas Manor’s new Nurse Practitioner Joelle Regnier (right) collaborates with Susan Poirier, Director of Care.      Courtesy photo

WINCHESTER – “It feels like home,” said Joelle Regnier, Dundas Manor’s new Nurse Practitioner.

Regnier joined the team at Dundas Manor on May 29 and couldn’t feel more welcome. “My offer on employment actually included a ‘welcome to our family’ message. How great is that?” she recalled. “It is a privilege to be here. Everyone is committed to optimal care for each resident.”

Nurse Practitioners are Registered Nurses with advanced university education and authority to perform additional controlled acts, such as diagnosing, ordering tests and prescribing medications including narcotics and controlled substances. They work collaboratively with family physicians and other care providers. Having a NP on staff in a long-term care home is a growing trend and supports timelier, quality care.

“We are thrilled to have Joelle join our care team three days a week,” says Susan Poirier, Director of Care. “Joelle will help us save a lot of phone calls to doctors who are also very busy. Her expertise will be such a value-added service to the exemplary care provided every day to our residents. And she will provide hands-on teaching for our staff, helping us provide the very best care.”

For example, if a Personal Support Worker notices something out of the ordinary with a resident, she can immediately talk to Regnier and get a consultation. This intervention could help avoid a visit to the emergency department or even a hospital stay. “Residents will be able to stay in their own home where I can monitor their symptoms,” explained Regnier. “I’m really an extra set of eyes, working closely with staff, as well as the 12 physicians who come to Dundas Manor.”

Regnier, who grew up in Avonmore and now lives in Willamstown, has been a NP for 17 years. She has worked in long-term care, acute care and most recently in northwest Ontario.

“We need to treat people the same way that we want to be treated. I’m excited to be part of the Dundas Manor team,” she summed up.