King Richard and his mother Queen Eleanor cooled off in the shade of their royal tent during the hot Saturday on the Medieval Festival at Upper Canada Village on June 10, 2017.     Sawyer Helmer photo

Kobbler Jay a cheeky and entertaining jester performed a number of impressive feats garnering applause from his audience. His act included a three bench high balancing stunt, juggling apples while eating them and an assortment of tricks and stunts with knives, glass and balance. Sawyer Helmer photo

Kalynn Sawyer Helmer
Record Staff
MORRISBURG – With great weather comes great crowds. This was definitely the case at Upper Canada Village’s annual Medieval Festival the weekend of June 9 to 11. Thousands flooded the grounds to see the performers, artisans, knights and of course, the King and Queen.

King Richard filled his boisterous roll as the Lion Heart well while roaming the kingdom and inspecting his subjects. Meanwhile his Queen mother Eleanor brooded in the shade, a state much befitting her muse’s character. The village was alive with merriment and wonder throughout the weekend.

Visitors got into the medieval spirit by dressing up in their traditional garb, and many kilts were in attendance as is a usual site at the festival. There was never a dull moment either as the village had planned shows and demonstrations to keep the visitors entertained at every second.