Celebrating the artists
From left, Laura Williams, Amaneet Gill, Chelsea Van-Wylick, Naomi Buist, Amber Barnett, Ashley Harper, Jamie Quinton, Jade Barnett, Jaclyn Crump and teacher Troy Smith celebrate the artists’ hard work throughout the semester at the NDDHS Potpourri Art Show on Fri., June 9.      Sawyer Helmer photo

Kalynn Sawyer Helmer
Record Staff
CHESTERVILLE – Nine students from North Dundas District High School gathered on Friday evening, June 9, in a culminating art show to display their work for friends, family and the community. Art teacher Troy Smith had the artists choose their own theme at the beginning of the semester and were encouraged to explore that theme artistically and in as many mediums and supports as they could.

The artists displayed a minimum of three works and Smith explained that viewers touring the art should be able to grasp the gist of the theme with relative ease. Some of the themes included, History of Dundas, Under the Sea, and Black Magic.

While the art show was a proud moment for everyone involved, it was mingled with melancholy as Smith announced his departure from NDDHS. After having been with the school for 19 years, Smith is heading to Carleton Place to take a full-time art position for the remainder of his career. The students agreed that Smith will be missed by all but showed their understanding and support in his decision, which as he said was far from easy.

Smith began the Grade 12 art shows 18 years ago and then incorporated the addition of a charity fundraiser around nine years in. This year’s charity chosen by the artists was The War Amp CHAMP. The evening raised a total of $375 for the charity at the silent auction.