Kalynn Sawyer Helmer
Record Staff

WINCHESTER – Installing a pool or spa may seem like a daunting task, but Christina Stewart from Funtastic Pool and Spa believes that with all the new and efficient technology within the pool industry, managing a pool is a lot easier than homeowners may think.

“A pool and hot tub offers homeowners a place to relax without having to leave their home. We live in such a fast-paced world that it is often hard to relax and unwind after a long day. Coming home and going for a swim or soaking in the hot tub is a great way to unwind. Both pools and spas offer many health benefits. Aside from lowering stress, going for a swim provides excellent exercise without having to go to the gym. Hot tubs also provide relief for anyone suffering from muscle stiffness, back and knee issues, arthritis, or fibromyalgia. It can even improve sleep and cardio health,” explained Stewart.

Aside from the many health benefits, a pool or spa can be a nice addition to the aesthetics of a homeowner’s yard and they don’t have to come with piles of maintenance or take up a lot of time. Over the past 10 years, the pool industry has been making improvements to make owning a pool more convenient and less expensive, said Stewart. At the top of the tech list are robotic cleaners, variable speed pumps and high-tech filter media.

The robotic cleaners at Funtastic Pool and Spa, “are some of the best on the market,” said Stewart. The business offers two types of cleaners for above-ground and in-ground models. “They are very popular because they are a self-contained unit, meaning they do not run through the pump and filter like traditional cleaners.” The robotic cleaners are easy to use and some even come with remote controls so owners can control where it cleans.

The variable speed pumps are some of the latest tech to save money while maintaining the quality of a pool. Pool owners who turn their pumps off during the day to save money could be damaging their pool’s health by leaving the water to remain stagnant. “With a variable speed pump, the pump can be programmed to run at a lesser RPM during peak hydro hours and be boosted up during off-peak. This way the water is still circulating and being filtered, just at a lower cost. These pumps have built-in timers that do all the work for you,” explained Stewart.

As for some of the newest technology in filter media, Stewart mentioned the Crystal Balls Filter Media. “These are made from 100 per cent polyethylene that have a network of interlaced strands that offer outstanding efficiency.” The tech offers “optimally fine filtering,” with extremely low residues. They are also made to install with ease and have a long lifespan. The product can be, “easily washed in the washing machine to help their ability to filter fine particles and help with their lifespan.”

Both current and new pool owners can rest easy and enjoy their pool or spa by keeping up with good maintenance practices and researching the latest technology. On a final note Stewart said, “The pool industry is coming out with efficient products that make pools easier to manage. I’m a firm believer that with good quality chemicals, a regular maintenance routine, and a robotic cleaner, a pool owner shouldn’t have any trouble with their pool – all things I can help pool owners with.”

Funtastic Pool and Spa is located at 495 May St., in Winchester. For more information, call 613-774-2341.