Kalynn Sawyer Helmer
Record Staff

WILLIAMSBURG – This year, a gardener’s best tool is patience, says local horticulturist and Landscape Technician Erin VanGilst. VanGilst is the owner of Gardens by Create It.

Every year comes with its colour trends, and while VanGilst hasn’t noticed any particular colour making itself a highlight of the season yet, she says pastels are in style. To go along with this, VanGilst said she noticed a trend of annuals being planted in planters while gardens are getting the shrubs. This is due to the low maintenance of shrubs. With so many varieties, homeowners can achieve the colourful garden they desire without the effort of planting and maintaining annuals.

While gardeners might be eager to get planting, VanGilst says it’s best to take a step back. The soil is wet and cool. Go ahead and clean up the garden, even digging out is okay according to VanGilst, but hold off on the flowers. If you must, buy pansies. VanGilst says she waits until the May long weekend before she really gets to work. If you’re itching to get your hands planting, this time of year is good to plant trees.

For the at-home vegetable gardens, VanGilst recommends raised planters that are great for drainage. No matter what trends gardeners and homeowners are looking to pursue, VanGilst is a knowledgable expert that can make gardening dreams come true. More info at 613-535-9942, email erin@gardensbycreateit.com or web www.gardensbycreateit.com.